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An appeal from Al-Hasakah people

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To all relevant relief organizations and international bodies.

To the civilized world ..

To everyone who cares about humanity ..

Al-Hasakah city is subjecting now a humanitarian catastrophe because of the water cut off from it for more than ten consecutive days by Turkey and its affiliated factions controlling Ras Al-Ain and its countryside, where the (Alok) Station is the main and only source for providing drinking water to the city of Al-Hasakah and its suburbs and the town of Tal Tamr, in addition to the scarcity of electricity, gas, bread and expensive Prices, as well as prevailing weather conditions, where high temperatures on the one hand and the threat of the pandemic on the other hand, the lives of more than a million human beings here are in serious danger, and in such disastrous conditions it becomes imperative that we launch an urgent appeal to the world to intervene to save the lives of civilians and we declare that Al-Hasakah is really a devastated city.

Note: Whoever supports this call, please participate and sign it with the word (WITH)

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