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An Appeal to EU, Amnesty International, Human rights watch and international organizations and bodies, human rights and humanitarian…..

Syrian Kurds Refugees in Bulgaria suffer difficult and very miserable circumstances. They are vulnerable not only to hunger and disease, but their lives have become unsafe as a result of racism guerrilla Bulgarian attacks (Ataka) on their camps or exposure them wherever they are under obvious neglect of the Bulgarian government and officials of the refugee camps and it is a member state in the European Union and must adhere to the terms of its membership.

There are eight camps in Bulgaria and some of them are closed and look like prisons and just do not get in all of them the lowest living conditions where cold, humidity and health care is very weak, as well as not offer any assistance to refugees, whether it was food or medicine. Otherwise, the refugee being beaten and robbed by the Bulgarian police when he entered the Bulgarian border and treated as a prisoner during the first months and is threatening to return him to Syria if he do not succumb to them (there are many cases), about three months ago, three refugees died because of coolness in the forests, and young (Khalid Hassan Walid) died on 29.01.2015 as a result of medical negligence.

And the Harmanli (Харманли) Camp exposure to attack from (Ataka) gang with stones and sticks, causing panic among the refugees and their children. In the capital Sofia, the Kurds were been exposure and beaten and wounding with knives, all this in front of the Bulgarian authorities eyes, that have not do their duty towards the refugees and protect them, but on the contrary, when the refugees came out in a peaceful demonstration demanding the Bulgarian government protection and insurance their lives from the starvation and disease risk or a result of guerrilla attacks, the officials there have threatened the protesters saying:(( if you not stop the demonstrations you will be deported to Syria)) !!

These refugees are victims of the Assad regime and fled from the hell of war and ISIS and al- Nusra Front terrorist and to find a safe haven in one of the European countries, but they were unfortunately surprised and disappointed by a new threat in a country like Bulgaria, represented the European Union.

Also for your information, the Syrian Kurds refugees and especially children, are now subject to various serious and infectious diseases (such as tuberculosis, chicken pox, measles, asthma, anemia, skin diseases, chest infections, etc.), and even the medication the patient has to buy it at his expense and the whole Camp includes just one general Doctor and they do not transfer the patient to any recipient medical specialist.

We are in the Europe organization of Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria join our voice to those refugees and call on the European Union first to intervene quickly to rescue and protect them and provide health care and improve their habitation and asked the official guard for them from the risk of racist gangs and not to deport people who arrived for the European Union from Bulgaria because it is dangerous for them, with the possibility of providing a safe place for those who came from Bulgaria to other countries because Bulgaria violates the EU and (UNHCR) refugees laws and thus country (Bulgaria) is not a safe home for them. Also we will continue our engagement with all official and civilian international organizations to intervene and pressure on the Bulgarian government to abide its agreements towards refugees and human rights.

We will communicate with our people ( the refugees in Bulgaria ) in order to convey the reality and their suffering to the world to be aware of what is happening to them and strive together to put pressure on Bulgaria to be a safe haven for all, note that the European Union provides financial assistance to the Bulgarian government to help the refugees, but it seems that corruption hinders that, this is a question EU about how to spend that money and willful neglect for refugees.

We wish that this appeal from Syrian Kurds refugees in Bulgaria reaches, and they get the needed support to be rescued after they escaped from Assad regime and ISIS hell.


Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria – Europe Organization


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