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A delegation from the Kurdish Yekiti Party visits the Democratic Assyrian Organization headquarters in Qamishlo

Yekiti Media – Qamishlo

A leading delegation of Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria visited released Gabrail Moshe Gewrih the Political Bureau official of the Assyrian Democratic Organization on Saturday 6-8-2016 in the organization’s headquarters in Qamishlo city.

The delegation headed by Ibrahim Bro party secretary and president of the Kurdish National Council and included both Anwer Nasso Political Committee member of the Party and tow Central Committee members Abdul Ilah Auji and Fahd Mahmoud, who were warmly welcomed by the Political Bureau of Assyrian Organization official, Melik Jacub Central Committee official, Daoud Daoud political bureau official, Gabro Romanus and Qryaks Gewrih tow Central Committee members.

After the two sides exchanged congratulations on the occasion of the release of Gabrail Moshe Gewrih from the regime prisons and Anwar Naso and Abdup Ilah Auji from PYD Asayish prisons, two sides searched of some political issues.

Geneva’s negotiation on the Syrian crisis was the most important thing touched it; two sides agreed on a single vision summed up that the solution in Syria is a political solution, having proven that the military solution is failing, calling on the international community to exert more effort for success of the negotiation process to end the humanitarian crisis in Syria through stopping the bloodshed and the country destruction.

The both sides stressed need to be Syria in future (New Syria) parliamentary democratic pluralism Syria and the rights of all components of the Syrian people are protected in accordance with international covenants and conventions.

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