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PYD militants arrested nine Kurdish workers in Saemalka crossing

Yekiti Media- Kocharat

According to Yekiti Media source from Alkojrat area PYD Militants arrested nine of crossing Saemalka workers,then they were taken to Girke-Legy town. Sunday morning 08/07/2016.

The source added that: the detainees were from “Shiriky” in Alkojrat area arrested under the pretext of applying the conscription law.

the detainees names are :

1. Jad’aan Siden

2. Nayef Siden

3. Hadi Siden

4. Bassam Siden

5. Fares Siden

6. Bassam Siden

7. Siwar Siden

8. Miyasar Fayyad

9. Jdiyaa Bakier

It is worth mentioning that the Democratic Union Party continues Kurdish youth arrest, and a raid on Kurdish villages to bring them to the conscription camps.

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