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Due to the high production costs, the only Alsyaahy (Improved) bread oven in Kobane was closed

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The increase in bread production costs and the rise in labor wages compared to the bread selling price recently caused the closure of the only Alsyaahy bread oven in Kobane.

Reber Hajano, the owner of the bakery, said: “Comparing production costs to the selling price made the furnace exposed to material losses. To protest against their daily wages, which were estimated at 5,000 Syrian Pounds, to rise to 10,000 Syrian Pounds. ”

Hajano added that the cost of a bundle of bread, which was sold for 400 Syrian pounds, now costs 1000 Syrian pounds, and this price does not match the income of most families in Kobani in these poor economic conditions – according to his description.

He pointed out that the oven turned into one of the private bakeries that produce regular bread, in a step to increase production and achieve the city’s sufficiency of the bread material.

The owner of one of the bakeries in Qamishlo also indicated that the Democratic Union Party administration does not provide support for flour, and puts obstacles in front of private mills to improve the quality of flour and increase production, and all this negatively affects the bread, its abundance, and its quality.

He added that Hasaka governorate has the largest number of mills between the private and the government, which were recently handed over to the PYD administration, and most of them are produced in quantities slightly less than its production line due to the lack of support and the many restrictions imposed.

In the city of Qamishlo there are two huge bakeries, the eastern one is run by the PYD, and 90% of its production is distributed to its military and security institutions, and the western bakery (Al Baath) is run by the regime, and after it received support a few months ago from international organizations, 40% of its production became distributed. to the people.

It is reported that all areas controlled by the PYD suffer from a severe shortage of bread, not to mention its poor quality, due to the restrictions imposed by the latter and the delivery of most of the wheat crop to the Syrian regime.

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