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Exclusive… the names of the minors kidnapped by Revolutionary youth (Ciwanên Şoreşger) during the year 2022

Yekiti Media

Yekiti Media documented during the year 2022 the names of the Kurdish children kidnapped by the Revolutionary Youth Organization affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Syrian Kurdistan and northern Syria under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces. While some of them were returned to their families, the fate of many of them is still unknown despite the demands of their families to return them. ….

1- Newroz Ibrahim Al-Battal

2- Mustafa Fadel Muhammad

3- Berivan Abdul Hamid Muhammad

4- Bushra Adeeb Kanjo

5- Jihan Khalil Ibrahim

6- Muhammad Ahmed

7- Diljan Ahmed

8- Egan Ahmed

9- Shirin Najm Al-Din Muhammad

10- Nourjan Muhammad Khair

11- Sheikhmous Abdul Rahman

12- Sinem Mesto

13- Lamaan Othman

14- Sinem Ali

15- Maryam Ali

16- Amira Sheikho

17- Hamida Muhammad

18- Hassan Al-Othman

19- Najma Daoud

20- Riyad Muhammad Mesto

21- Ocalan Rajab Mesto

22- Ghazala Mulla Mahmoud

23- Seifen Hassan

24- Fatima Hassan

25- Muhammad Azad Hassan

26- Redur Aziz Shaheen

27- Maysa Khaled Mahmoud

28- Alan Muhyiddin Haji Ibish

29- Diyar Muhammad Muhammad

30- Muhammad Ismail Muhammad

31- Mustafa Abdullah Issa

32- Khaled Hassan Abdi

33- Munir Mahmoud Sheikh Bakr

34- Russell Muhammad Sheikho

35- Zahida Subhi Cougar

36- Gulistan Ahmed Topal

37- Welat Shro Khaled

38- Aziz Hassan Sheikh Dada

39- Julia Tariq Dedo

40- Agreen Muhammad Salih Abdullah

41- Silva Hamid Jaafar

42- Helen Musa Musa

43- Ahmed Haitham Jafu

44- Khawla Khalil Hammak

45- Muhammad Zakaria Habash

The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi (at that time), signed with the United Nations representative for children and armed conflict, Virginia Gamba, in 2019 a commitment plan to end and prevent the recruitment of children under the age of 18 and not to use them in military action.

Many families are afraid of announcing the abduction of the Revolutionary Youth (Ciwanên Şoreşger) for their children, for fear of retaliation by the PYD and PKK militants, and many of them resort to working to return their children through mediation and paying sums of money in this regard.

It should be noted that the kidnapping of the PKK-affiliated (Ciwanên Şoreşger) organization aims, according to observers, to brainwash them and instruct them on the ideas of the PKK, recruit them and transfer them to the party’s camps in Şengal and Qandil.

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