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Freed Majdel Haj Qassim to Yekiti Media … the rest of the political prisoners, their health is bad

Yekiti Media- Amude

Asayish Democratic Union Party (PYD) Released for Majdel Haj Qassim,Amude Organization member of Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria on Saturday evening 09.07.2016.
Majdel assured to Yeketi Media he remained in detention at PYD Asayish for 45 days between Amude and Chirkiene prison in Qamishlo city, adding that the Asayish interrogated him only twice during his detention.
Haj Qassim explained to our correspondent in Amude that the aforementioned body was charged him many charges, one of it was his appearance on the news media and talk about PYD Asayish violations against the backdground of crackdown on the villages Kerngo Tel Habash and Aljawherih last May and the arrest of his minor son.
And the remaining detainees conditions of Kurdish politicians said a Amude Organization member of Kurdish Yekiti Party that during his detention he met each of Anwer Nasso Political Committee member Yeketi Kurdish Party and Ridwan Hamo a Amude Organization member in the same Party, adding that their healthy conditions was not good and they both has aided to Qamishlo hospital several days ago, but their morale was high and the length of their imprisonment has not weakened their resolve to expose those policies.
It is worth mentioning that the Majdel Haj Qassim was arrested on 05.26.2016 against the background of an altercation between him and a supporter of the Democratic Union Party, PYD after a raid on his village by the Asayish and the arrest of his minor son.

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