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PYD asayish release for the leaders Anwer Nasso and Abdul Keriem Mohammed

Yekiti Media- Amude

PYD asayish freed Abdul Kariem Mohammed Abo Luqman, who is a leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria (PDK-S), and Anwer Nasso, who is political Committee member of Yekiti Kurdish Party in Syria, and Ridwan Hemmo, who is a member of the same party on Sunday evening 10-07-2016. Anwir Nasso who has been in detention at the Chirkine prison by PYD explained to Yeketi Media that: he was arrested on charges of pretending without a license and therefore, has been interrogated.

Nasso confirmed to our website, he stressed to investigators that: they are acting authority and illegal management and will not ask them for any private license, and most of their demonstrations against the PYD acts and practices, which were abandoned Kurdish people, and it is just around the corner from ruining the rare opportunity for the Kurdish people through their alliances and delusional projects.

Political Committee member of Yeketi Kurdish Party in Syria, adding that he had been taken at the hospital during their detention after his and Mr. Ridwan Hemmo health deteriorated.

In the same context, it was conducted today after his release, he held Mr. Anwar Nasso medical check in the Alnoor hospital in Qamishlo city where medical staff said that he needed a heart catheterization.

It is worth telling that Anwar Nasso, and his comrades were arrested in raids on their homes on 26.5.2016 by PYD militants .

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