Got enough candles? Julia Flores enjoys 118th birthday in Bolvia

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Julia Flores is believed to be the oldest living person in the world and her family want to get her into the record books.

Live music, cake and her favourite pasta dish were all enjoyed by Julia Flores on her 118th birthday.

Believed to be the oldest living person in Bolivia and almost certainly the world, Ms Flores was thrown a party to remember at her local city hall to mark the milestone.

The centenarian was given a certificate recognising her long life by the mayor of Sacaba, the city where she lives with her grandniece Agustina Berna and her children.


Her current home is not far north of the town she was born in – Japo – on 26 October 1990. It came just four months after the birth of Queen Elizabeth and almost two decades before the start of the First World War.

Among the presents she received were blankets, sweaters, a new pair of earrings and a mantilla (a traditional Spanish veil), with plenty of friends and family in attendance.

They hope to now secure her a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

At the moment, the book lists 36 living people over the age of 112, but so-called Mama Flores would top them all.

Until her death in April of this year, the Research Group in Gerontology had Japanese citizen Nabi Tajima down as the oldest living person in the world at 117.

Despite her advancing years, so-called Mama Flores appeared rather sprightly on her big day – applauding and dancing her way through the afternoon before tucking into her birthday cake adorned with pink candles.


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