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Hundreds of Kurdish women sit-in Qamishlo city in solidarity with the Kurdish political prisoners in PYD’s prisons

Yekiti Media

hundreds of Kurdish women protested in solidarity with political prisoners in the prisons of the Democratic Union Party, PYD in Qamishlo city today.
The sit-in, which called by the women’s organizations in Qamishlo,began by a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs of Kurdistan, carried pictures of the detainees, and Banners that reject political arrests, and outs for silencing political, stressing that people above any consideration, any military force.
And women demanded Kurdish unity, because it is urgent and important at this critical juncture.
The detainee’s wife (diya Nichirvan) dropped a Word, which rejected the policies imposed by the PYD, and confirmed that the martyr’s funeral receives no arrests but must have respect and consideration, pointing out the importance of Kurdish unity.
It is worth mentioning that fate of dozens of Kurdish political prisoners in Democratic Union Party prisons is still unknown.





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