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KRG office in Belgium attacked, Kurdistan flag removed

Yekiti Media

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Representation Office in Belgium was vandalized by protesters on Tuesday. No injuries were reported.

Delavar Ajgeiy, the KRG representative in Brussels, told Rudaw of the incident. He said the flag of Kurdistan was removed.

A video shared on social media indicates that the three attackers were Kurdish.

They threw eggs and items at the building, in addition to taking down the flag, saying that the KRG officials were not worthy of flying the flag because of Erbil’s response to recent protests in Shiladze.

“We have to lower their flag because they are unworthy of this flag. Under this flag, they steal, exercise corruption and terrorism. Under this flag, they render services to external forces. They are unworthy of this flag. This flag needs to be in the hand of loyal people,” one of the protesters said.

They said the flag belongs to the people of Shiladze: “Shiladze is not alone. Shiladze aren’t trouble makers.”

Two people from Shiladze were killed last week when protesters demonstrating against deadly Turkish airstrikes stormed a Turkish military base.

The KRG accused trouble makers of turning the peaceful protest violent and said the main problem is the PKK.

“We are paying the price for something we are neither involved in nor want to be,” said KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, telling the PKK it must stop using Kurdistan Region territories to launch attacks on Turkey.

He has been criticized for failing to condemn Turkish airstrikes that have killed dozens of civilians, and damaged farmlands and forests.

The office in Brussels serves as the KRG mission to the European Union. It is expected to release a statement on the incident.


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