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Kurdish woman wins gold at powerlifting competition in Iran, raises Kurdistan flag

Yekiti Media

A female bodybuilder from the Kurdistan Region was awarded a gold medal on Friday at a power lifting competition in Iran.

Dilkhosh Abdullah, from the city of Rania in the Kurdistan Region, finished first ahead of other competitors to win the gold medal at the Power lifting Iran Women event. The Kurdish athlete took part in activities like dead lifts and bench press.

Following her victory, she raised the Kurdistan flag high as she took her spot atop the podium to collect her medal.

Abdullah has won bodybuilding and fitness awards for women in the Kurdistan Region in the past.

“Bodybuilding was always a dream of mine when I was young,” she previously told Kurdistan 24 in between sets at a local gym in Rania.

Abdullah visits the gym regularly and said she is determined to become one of the best athletes in the sport. For the past two and a half years, she has actively participated in local bodybuilding competitions.

Despite her achievements, the Kurdish athlete says she is hungry for more success and wants to become a power lifting star in Kurdistan and abroad.

“One of my dreams is to reach the pinnacle of this sport. I want to be a bodybuilding star. Lord willing, I will be able to achieve this feat.”


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