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Martyrdom of one civilian and wounding six others in the bombing of IS terrorist organization on the Kobani countryside:

Yeketi Media


Citizen was killed and six others wounded in renewed missile bombardment from IS on the western countryside of Kobani on Monday 05/16/2016.

( A civilian was martyred and six others wounded after IS bombing on the village of Tel Laabar 40 km west of Kobani) Yeketi  Media reporterin in Kobani.

According to our correspondent, the situations of some of them are dangerous, and were taken to hospitals in Qamishlo City to take a necessary medical treatment, and the wounded were:

1- Amina Ali 25 years

2- Rahim Khalil 50 years old in critical condition.

3- Mostafa Mohammad dangerous situation.

4- Aya 8 years

5-Khawla Mohammed Mustafa

6- Juliana one year old

The little rural west is witnessing fierce battles between IS and Syria democratic forces which stationed in the villages of Fourat tape notably “Zor Maghar,” where it has many of the citizens were killed in that area as a result of mutual bombardment.

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