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New arrests in Afrin and it,s Countryside

Yekiti Media

The armed Faction “Samar Qand” which allied to Turkish army arrested four people from “Dala” village in “Mabata” area Afrin city in Kurdistan Syria and they are; Lawand Othman Hannan, Ameen Wahid Haj Hamody, srbst Ahmed Azo and Mostafa Mhamad KhojaK on Monday 15 October 2018

And in ALZaydiyah neighbrhood in the center of Afrin city, Armed men arrested Mohamad Sheikh Mamom, Ali Sheikh Mamom, Othman hamdosh and Zakaria hamdosh, on Saturday 13 October 2018

Alot of horrors and crimes committed by the Islamic oppositions factions to Kurdish people in Afrin city sinc the Turkish occuption in last March.

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