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PYD gunmen kidnapped Imran Aliko

Yekiti Media

On Thursday, September 30, 2021, gunmen from the Democratic Union Party kidnapped the Kurdish citizen Imran Aliko from the city of Ad-Darbasiyah after his daughter fled the ranks of the Revolutionary Youth Organization of the Kurdistan Workers Party.

The Revolutionary Youth Organization had recruited the girl, Rawan Aliko, on October 8, 2020, and all her family’s attempts to return her to a home during the past year had failed.

Members of the Revolutionary Youth organization attacked Imran Aliko’s house, stole mobile phones, and insulted family members.

A source from the Aliko family confirmed in a statement to Yekiti Media that Imran was being held hostage by the Democratic Union Party  gunmen under the direction of the Revolutionary Youth Organization.

The Revolutionary Youth Organization had kidnapped the child Lund Aliko in 2015 and he was martyred 4 years later after being thrown into battles, despite his being a minor child.

Despite the commitment of the Syrian Democratic Forces to international organizations, kidnapping of minors continues in the areas under their control in Kurdistan Syria and north of Syria.

The Revolutionary Youth Organization is recruiting children in Kurdish cities and sending them to PKK camps in the Qandil and Shingal mountains.

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