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Sit-in and hunger strike in Berlin in solidarity with Kobani and Amouda:

Yekiti Media

On the occasion of three years after Amouda massacre, which committed by Democratic Union Party (PYD) militants, and to become six civilians martyrs and to fall of many of the wounded, and the anniversary of a Kobani city massacre, which committed by Islamic State (IS) organization “Daash” and led to become nearly 300 civilians martyrs, and to condemn PYD practices in Kurdistan of Syria and the arrest of politicians and activists. Berlin Organization of Kurdish Yekiti Party called for a hunger strike to two days in front of Germany Federal Republic Parliament and the German chancellor, “Angela Merkel” Office.

The strike began on Sunday 26/06/2016 and carried Amouda and Kobani martyrs’ pictures and photos of political prisoners in PYD prisons. Furthermore, raising slogans demanding to prosecution Amouda massacre perpetrators, and demanding the immediate release of all conscience prisoners and politicians and activists in PYD prisons.

In addition, distribution of Bulletins in German and English languages. The strike ended on Monday 27/06/2016 actually 7 pm. Berlin Organization office administrator of Kurdish Yekiti Party Mr. Alan Hssaf thanked all those who participated strike.



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