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Statement regarding the continued detention of Yekiti Media, Alan Salim Ahmed

Yekiti Media

Asayish of Democratic Union Party, (PYD) for a group of leaders and cadres of the Kurdish National Council in Syria, (KNC,ENKS) on Tuesday noon, on 07.02.2017. After nearly six months of their detention without release Yeketi Media correspondent Alan Salim Ahmed who was arrested with the same group during the funeral of a martyr Peshmerga Habib Qadri who he had became a martyr in the fight against the terrorist organization of the Islamic State (ISIS) mid-August of last year, therefore there must be clarification of public opinion that our correspondent Alan Salim Ahmed, who was abducted by PYD Asayish before nearly six months spent including 63 days in solitary confinement in Cherkin prison unlawfully or directing any direct charge him.

We in Yekiti Media website, Management and reporters at the time that we express our joy at the release of the leaders and cadres of the Council, we condemn and denounce that not released, our correspondent Alan Salim Ahmed, and that we see it is basing on personal and irrational whims retaliatory but not responsible by an illegal authority to suppress our work in the Media field knowing that the numbers of correspondents and institutions of the Syrian regime’s media are working in the Kurdish region in Syria without being subjected to any harassment, so we head to the human rights organizations and human rights defender and journalists to intervene immediately to release our correspondent who has been nearly six months he was abducted unlawfully.

Management and correspondents of Yekiti Media website

Tuesday February 7, 2017

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