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IS Suicide Bombers Conduct Unsuccessful Attack on Makhmour Refugee Camp

They could not reach the center of the camp.

MAKHMOUR — Two Islamic State (IS) militants carried out a suicide attack on the Makhmour camp where members of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) were residing, killing two people on the scene.

Pola Bozani confirmed to BasNews from the camp that the suicide bombers have sneaked into the area but could not find their way into the center of the camp and one of them blew himself up on the edge of the camp, by which a guard was killed.

The second insurgent opened fire at the residents and killed one civilian, Bozani revealed, noting that he was immediately responded and taken down before he could cause further damages.

The offensive took place around 06:00 am local time (03:00 am GMT).

Experts, analysts and military commanders have previously stated that IS is expected to step up its terrorist attacks as part of its efforts to pretend the latest defeats have not affected the group.




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